About SICA

South India Cultural Association (SICA) was the dream-child of (late) Professor Subramanian of Carleton University who was also a great Vaggeyakara and Dramatist well versed in the ancient South Indian Arts and Traditions. It all started with a small group of about 15 families coming together on a cold January aftenoon during 1975 to form a much needed cultural organization at Ottawa, the Canadian National Capital to promote traditional South Indian Arts of Dance, Drama and Music.

In the beginning SICA was just focusing on Carnatic Music, passively hosting visiting artistes from South India. Very soon there was strong community interest and support and the interest branched into promoting Bharathanatyam as well. Steadily over the years Ottawa has become the home for excellent music and dance teachers as families with young children wanted to immerse their offspring in the cultural milieu of the home country.

SICA has over the years encouraged the teachers by showcasing the native talent among our children at Ottawa in a variety of cultural activities. Our membership numbers have also steadily grown with current membership exceeding 80 families but still we have a long way to go since this is only a fraction of the potential membership. We are no longer confined to South India since our Arts have a global appeal and have no national boundaries. We have also fostered a strong partnership with the thriving community of Hidustani music exponents as well as North Indian dance varieties such as Kathak, Odissi etc., In short while maintaing our identity we are promoting a healthy integration of all Indian Art forms and all in a strong Canadian setting.

SICA is indeed the cultural Gateway for all of us in the National Capital region to maintain our links with our home country but at the same time maintaining a strong Canadian identity. Having celebrated our 40th year of our dedicated service to Fine Arts, it is needless to say that there will be a strong community support for SICA.

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